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Rate & Service Audit


  • Audit tolerances can be set based on dollar amount or percentage of total bill
  • Service guarantee audit
  • Custom alerts or approvals by charge type or amount
  • Rate expiration monitoring
  • What-if scenario modeling
  • Automated updates for fuel surcharges
  • Proactive resolution of rate discrepancies with collaborative exception management process
  • Detailed audit information available for reporting

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate costs associated with billing errors
  • Model rate scenarios to assist with negotiations
  • Utilize billing accuracy information in managing logistics partners
  • Break down of transportation costs at the charge level for analysis
  • Proactive notification of rate expiration
  • Correct billing errors at the root cause

A3 Freight Payment performs a comprehensive audit of all charges and guaranteed services for any mode of transportation.

Overseen by our expert auditors, the automated rate engine validates charges utilizing contracts and rates provided by the customer. To ensure accuracy, all rating/service exceptions are reviewed by dedicated A3 Freight Payment staff to identify the source of the error and the party who is responsible for resolving the discrepancy.

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