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Invoice Validation


  • Validation of ANY invoice or client source data element(s)
    • Consignee/Consignor validation
    • Dates (ship, invoice, POD)
    • Terms
    • Pronumber/invoice number
    • Shipper account number
    • PO/BOL/Order file data validation
  • Duplicate validation
  • Incorporation of vendor and customer tables for origin/destination pair validation
  • Data element masking (pronumber, BOL, PO, etc)
  • Maintenance of client approved carrier tables

Key Benefits

  • Avoid costs associated with invalid or fraudulent invoices
  • Enhanced validation of invoices with the incorporation of client source data

A3 Freight Payment's customized solution provides the flexibility to incorporate client-specific invoice validations with strict controls for determining the legal financial liability for freight invoices processed. 

Solutions exist for both electronic and manual validation of freight invoice data elements through A3 Freight Payment's data exchange and processing engine functionality.

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