Exception Management | A3 Freight Payment

Exception Management


  • Proactive management of exceptions by dedicated A3 Freight Payment resource
  • Intuitive, easy to use application for resolution of ALL exceptions for shippers & carriers
  • Detailed data reporting clearly indicates reason for exception and path to resolution
  • Collaborative environment allows for resolution of exceptions at the root cause
  • User "view" of Resolve application clearly indicates their items for resolution
  • Detailed reporting shows all actions taken on an exception and by whom
  • 100% transparency - all parties have visibility to unresolved transactions

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate balance/past due invoices with collaborative resolution of rating discrepancies
  • Correct errors proactively at the root cause with closed loop process

Collaborative exception management and transparency are cornerstones of the A3 Freight Payment solution. All exceptions that prevent a freight invoice from being paid are reported and managed in our Resolve application. Upon logging into Resolve, users are presented with a list of actionable items that are organized by aging and reason, allowing users to quickly work the oldest exceptions first.

A3 Freight Payment account managers proactively manage all exceptions, regardless of responsibility for resolution. This approach ensures clients, carriers, and A3 Freight Payment staff are informed and engaged in resolving discrepancies. At any time, A3 Freight Payment, the client, and the carrier can access information and know exactly what is not being paid, the aging, why it is an exception, and whose responsibility it is to resolve, giving you 100% transparency to the issues that are preventing processing.

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