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Data Management


  • Data capture of all fields
  • Shipment status capture
  • Charge level detail
  • Integration of client source file data
  • Validation of data against customer source files
  • Stop off information
  • Detailed processing status data

Key Benefits

  • Enables ability to perform detailed analysis at charge level
  • Integration of internal data enables costing at order/shipment/PO level
  • Supports carrier negotiation activities with detailed data
  • Enables GL allocation at charge level
  • Ensures an accurate audit of invoiced charges

A3 Freight Payment provides the most comprehensive data capture of any freight payment solution.

Accurate, detailed data is essential for carrier negotiations, managing supply chain operations, and supporting analysis. A3 Freight Payment captures all invoice data elements from both manual and electronic invoices to provide customers with a comprehensive data warehouse. Additionally, A3 Freight Payment can integrate information from a customer's internal source files to further enhance data reporting and analysis.

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